About us

June Giugni, President of Cosmetíque, epitomizes the American success story. Entrepreneurial spirit gave her the vision to found Club Cosmetíque in 1974. Since that time, over 10,000,000 women have joined Club Cosmetíque.

June’s commitment to quality is more than an idea. She personally evaluates each beauty product and selects only those that perform to her high standards. These products are then tested in the real world. “Our staff uses each product at home as part of their daily beauty routine and evaluates it for color, blendability, quality, fragrance and ease of application. It’s really quite simple – if a product isn’t good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our members!”

What is Club Cosmetíque?
Club Cosmetíque members save 50-80% off retail values on exciting new collections sent monthly. By experimenting with cosmetics and fragrances in the privacy of their own home, members can discover what products work best for them. Every member has full return privileges on any collection, and may cancel their membership at any time by calling Cosmetíque toll-free at 1-800-621-8822.

What’s in a Club Cosmetíque Beauty Collection?
Each beauty collection contains full-size quality cosmetics, treatment products and fragrances plus a detailed description of each product and helpful hints on using them. As described by June, “Each of our beauty collections is a wonderful new surprise that will be fun, useful and personalized to your color selections.”

What makes Club Cosmetíque unique?
Personal Attention. Members choose the exact colors and shades of cosmetics they prefer. We at Cosmetíque personalize the beauty collections with the colors chosen by our members. Color preferences can be changes as often as a member likes. Members can also change how often they receive beauty collections to meet their cosmetic needs and budget. There is no minimum purchase requirement, and members may cancel their membership at any time. This personal approach extends to service, too. Whether it’s changing address information, selecting new color preferences, or getting answers to individual questions, each Cosmetíque Customer Service Representative is fully trained to answer questions and to make necessary account adjustments on the spot. In June’s words, “Our commitment to customer service is essential to the success of our club”.

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